Frozen Dessert University 

We carry Italian Ice Flavors and Bases. We also sell Italian Ice, Gelato, Ice Cream and Custard Equipment


                                        We offer hands-on Italian Ice Training

Our Italian Ice University is a hands-on Italian Ice training that takes place at our training facility in Warminster, PA. You’ll benefit from Carmen’s 40+ years of experience and will have the confidence of knowing how to make the best Italian Ice. You’ll use Carmen's award winning Italian Ice recipes and Italian Ice flavors that have pleased our customers and set us apart from all the others.


                                          Who should take this training? 

​​♦ If you are considering opening your own Italian Ice business, you will want to
take this course to get a better idea of what the business entails. The manual
   will also provide detailed material to guide you through your planning,
   purchasing, and start up.
♦ If your goal is to learn how to make Italian Ice, let Carmen Esposito be your
   mentor.  If you have an existing business and you’re considering adding an
   additional money making item, then Italian Ice is a great way to add on to your
   established ice cream store or pizzeria.
♦ If you’re considering purchasing an already existing Italian Ice business and
   want to do it right, avoid costly mistakes, and make a superior product from
the first day you open your doors.
                                                    ♦ If you purchased, inherited or found a machine that you think will make
                                                       Ice then you need to talk to Carmen before you go any further!


                                          Here’s what you’ll learn

♦ Use and maintain of the Italian Ice machinery
♦ How to make and serve a consistent excellent product using Carmen’s award
   winning Italian Ice recipes
♦ Product storage and temperatures
♦ Portion and serving procedures
♦ How you can save thousands of dollars on Italian Ice machinery by utilizing
   the deep discounts we’re offered by suppliers
♦ Preparation of additional menu items
♦ Some “golden nuggets” of information from Carmen
♦ How to use our comprehensive training manual to get your store up and
                                                       running efficiently and successfully


                                          Our Training Manual will provide you with:

♦ A list of all necessary machinery, equipment, smallwares and supplies
♦ Criteria and strategies to assist you in choosing your store location
♦ Practical guidelines to assist in the hiring and training of your employees
♦ Standards for customer service
♦ Store procedures (opening, daily and closing procedures) to maximize time

   management and efficiency
♦ Managing store inventory, ordering and delivery
♦ Product manufacturing, storage and serving
♦ Machinery use, cleaning and maintenance to extend the life of your machines
   and equipment
♦ Store security issues and practices
                                                    ♦ Profit margin sheets
                                                    ♦ Comprehensive A to Z manual on marketing and advertising
                                                    ♦ Additional recipes for products that can expand your menu with the inventory 
                                                       you’ll already have

                                                    ♦ Carmen’s award winning Italian Ice recipes!!!!!!

You’ll also receive a video of the hands-on section of the Italian Ice training to help you review the information when you’re ready to open your store. We realize that there may be a time span from the hands-on training to the start up of your store so the video will take the pressure off your memory and be a handy review when you need it.

You will also receive 6 months of on going consultation with Carmen the “King of Frozen Desserts”

After you’ve attended the training and read through the manual, you may have some additional questions. Carmen can be your personal consultant to address just about any question you may have concerning Italian Ice. He's there to get you on the way to opening your own business. Many folks who have attended our Italian Ice University continue to consult with Carmen long after their stores are up and running because he really knows his stuff. You may purchase additional consultation time with Carmen after you’ve used the 6 months of on going consultation that's included in your course package.

Carmen will train you on the Italian Ice machinery that he believes is the best in the industry. Buying the right machines is crucial to your success. Carmen can give you objective advice about which machines are the best at keeping your shop running efficiently as well as producing the best tasting product! Thanks to his many years in the business, Carmen has built some great relationships with the best suppliers and he can pass on discounts to you - saving you thousands of dollars!! Do yourself a favor and call Carmen first. He can save you time and money and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

To sign up for our next Hands-On Training Course at the University please call or email us for the current course schedule and registration forms.