Online University - Learn how to make Water Ice

Carmen has created an Online University with videos that will allow you to learn the Italian Ice and Gelato Business while relaxing in front of your computer at home. You’ll benefit from Carmen’s 40+ years of experience and have the information you’ll need to make the best Italian Ice and authentic Italian Gelato. Carmen will demonstrate the use of his award winning Italian Ice and Gelato recipes and Italian Ice flavors that have made him the absolute expert.

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                                           Who needs to see these videos?

♦ If you are considering opening your own Italian Ice and/or Gelato Shop you
   will want to view these videos to get a better idea of what the business entails.
   This will help you make an educated decision about entering the business.
♦ If you have an existing business and you’re considering adding Italian Ice or

   Gelato as an additional money making item. Gelato and Italian ice are great
   add ons to an existing ice cream or pizza shop!
♦ If you’re considering purchasing an already existing Italian Ice or Gelato

   business then these videos will assist in making that all important decision.
♦ If you purchased, inherited or found a machine that you think will make Italian
                                                       Ice or Gelato then you need to see these videos and talk to Carmen before

                                                       you go any further!

                                          The video will demonstrate:

♦ The use of the Italian Ice and Gelato machinery
♦ The recipes and preparation of the product
♦ Manufacturing of the product
♦ Proper storage procedures and temperatures
♦ Proper portions and serving procedures
♦ Gelato decorating and presentation
♦ Preparation of additional menu items
♦ Some “golden nuggets” of information that Carmen has acquired over the

                                           Our Training Manual will provide you with:

♦ A list of machinery, equipment, smallwares and supplies you’ll need to make
   your product
♦ A list of criteria and priorities to assist you in choosing your store location
♦ Suggestions on store layout and design to minimize the time needed to fill

   your customers’ orders and maximize efficiency
♦ Ideas, practices and guidelines to assist in the hiring and training of your

♦ Guidelines for customer service
♦ Expert advice on setting up store procedures (opening, daily and closing

   procedures) to maximize efficiency and time management
♦ Practices for managing store inventory, ordering, and delivery
                                                    ♦ Product manufacturing, storage presentation, and serving
                                                    ♦ Machinery use, cleaning, and maintenance to extend the life of your machines
                                                       and equipment
                                                    ♦ Guidelines and issues of store security
                                                    ♦ Profit margin sheets
                                                    ♦  Comprehensive A to Z manual on marketing and advertising
                                                    ♦ Additional recipes for products that can expand your menu with the inventory
                                                       you’ll already have.
They’re money makers !
                                                    ♦ Carmen’s award winning Italian Ice and Gelato recipes!!!!!!

You will also receive 1 hour of consultation with Carmen, the “King of Frozen Desserts”

After you’ve watched the videos and read through the manual, you may have some additional questions. Carmen can assist you with questions concerning the store location, floor layout and store design, machinery purchasing, machinery installation, machinery operation, and really.... just about any question you may have concerning Italian Ice and Gelato. Carmen’s there to get you on the way to opening your own business. Many of our trainees have continued to consult with Carmen long after their stores are up and running because he really knows his stuff. You may purchase additional consultation time with Carmen after you’ve used the 1 hour that are included in your course package.

Carmen will train you on the machinery that he believes is the best in the industry. There are other machines out there as well. Some will do the job for you and some won’t. You will need to purchase the right equipment designed to make the product you want to sell in your business. Buying the right machines is crucial. Carmen can give you objective advice about which machines are the best at keeping your shop running efficiently as well as producing the best tasting product! Thanks to his many years in the business, Carmen has built some great relationships with the best Italian Ice and Gelato machinery suppliers and he can pass on discounts to you - saving you thousands of dollars!! Do yourself a favor and call Carmen first. He can save you time and money and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

After you’ve viewed the Italian Ice Training video, you may choose to register for our Italian Ice University. This course allows you to make the product, use the machinery and become competent in all the hands-on procedures. We will provide a discount for that course if you have already purchased our Online University course.