"We are really honored to have met Carmen, renowned as one of the best masters of Philly-style Italian water ice. He was a major influence in developing our technique in producing a quality, award-winning product since 2014."

Danny, Owner/Creator of The Icery
Lansdowne, PA

"Even the Governor of Nebraska loves some Italian ice!"

"Italian Ice has been a bit hit at JoJo's Gelato & Grill and we couldn't have done it without Carmen's consulting to help make our Italian Ice authentic. We are starting our fourth season in the gelato and Italian ice business this year. We have come a long way from one trailer serving fairs and festivals to a permanent location and food truck. Thank you, Carmen, for all of your advice and assistance through our growing pains! You have been a godsend and we could not have done it without you."

Jim and Marni Jo
JoJo's Gelato & Grill
Aurora, Nebraska 

The training was great and professionally conducted

The Italian Ice training was great, professionally conducted and both Carmen and Claire were knowledgeable, attentive instructors.  There was time to learn, lots of hands-on training and even a few minutes to experiment.  We were complete beginners but feel that we learned a great deal.  I came from Canada and my partner traveled all the way from Hong Kong to attend the training.  It was a genuine opportunity to benefit from Carmen's 40+ years of experience.  We're looking forward to setting up our own operation very soon.

Arthur Coren
Vancouver, British Columbia

They were truly like " fairy godparents"

Carmen has been wonderful to work with. He has the ability to condense his experience and knowledge into an intense training at their location. The training covered everything from selecting the proper staff to end of the day closing procedures. When Claire and Carmen arrived at my location, they were truly like "fairy godparents". They showed up, helped me set up the store, reviewed things we went over in training, and were there for the big moment... Opening day. It was a very overwhelming and exhilarating experience, so it was very comforting to know that they were there to guide me through it and still are.

Patty Hainey
Nantucket, MA

Training tips showed me ways to maximize profits

Carmen is indeed the ICE KING. With more than 30 years experience he has developed a training regiment that is second to no one. From making the Italian Ice, to storing, scooping and selling the ices. Step by step we were trained in the most efficient ways possible.

Carmen's training tips have shown me ways to maximize profits without losing quality. Being trained by Carmen about how to keep a store running in the proper fashion was easy for me, because being in retail for more than 30 years I have learned that your store should shine every day. A clean store operates better than a dirty store. If the front is dirty, people see it and wonder what the back looks like. Keeping the entire store "Inventory ready" every day makes it easier to maintain and keeps the customers coming back day after day.

Thank you Carmen

Peter Mudgett
Seaford, NY

Carmen's Italian Ice flavors were best products they found

I purchased Rocky's Italian Ice from the original owners this year after they ran it for four years. I was a regular customer of theirs. I saw first hand how Jim and Beth ran the store. When Jim and Beth talked to me about the shoppe I heard Carmen's name mentioned regularly. They emphasized that to keep the quality and reputation going, I needed to run the store as Carmen had trained them and especially not to change any of the product they were using.  They said Carmen's Italian Ice flavors were the best they had found and they did alot of research before they chose Carmen's product.
We also went and tasted a competitor's Ice and there was no comparison. We have regular customers that live within 1 mile of our closest competition and they choose to drive over 20 miles to purchase our product. We are told over and over again that our Italian ice is either the best or the closest to the East coast ice that they have ever tasted. One family came in 2 weeks ago. They recently arrived here from Italy. They could not believe the flavor.  One family member returned this past weekend and purchased quarts to take home, he still was raving on how much like home the ice was.

When we do fairs and festivals and I have said I feel like a drug dealer when I hand out samples because you know even if they walk away with the sample it isn't long till they are turning around and coming back to buy some. We did the July 4th Red White and Boom in Columbus Ohio and my son pointed this out to me he said, "Mom when you took us to a festival we would go around and buy one thing here and one thing there, we never would go back to the same vendor twice, that way we got to taste alot of different things.  Mom, there was over 400 vendors at Red White and Boom and not only did you have people come back to you twice, you had some come back 3 times."

Rowena Wycoff
Rocky's Italian Ice

Better than any gelato I've found in Italy

While I was visiting my family in Pa I had the good fortune of tasting Carmen’s gelato. It is as good if not better than any gelato I’ve had in Italy. I now know I can enjoy the best gelato in the world, right here in Pennsylvania. My mothers favorite is the no sugar added chocolate. The flavor is outstanding!

Father Edward Kelty
The Vatican, Rome

They are always there for you

The Esposito's know the business inside and out. Their experience and expertise are second to none. The best thing is that they are always there for you, especially after you have opened. The Esposito's are always looking for ways to improve the product and the business. We have looked at a number of Italian Ice products, none, I repeat none, come close to Esposito's product. Great product, great people equals a great opportunity.

Take care and best of luck.
Jim Domoracki

What we've learned is priceless

Thank you again, Carmen and Claire, for your time, wisdom and patience. In so many ways, what we’ve learned is priceless and a great privilege. We feel like we spent three days with the Great Shaman of Gelato and Italian Ice! We can't wait to open our store.

You’re both great.

Daniela and Jean
Toronto, Canada

Shorten your learning curve and set yourself apart

For anyone considering entering the world of frozen desserts, specifically Gelato and Italian Ice, I would highly recommend Carmen Esposito. Carmen has consolidated his over 30 years of experience into a training experience that's outstanding. From the basics of product production, picking the right equipment and store location, his training will save you countless hours and dollars. Using Carmen’s training and recipes, we won the best ice cream award in our area after only being in business 7 months!

Carmen and Claire offer a training experience that is a tremendous for any novice that has the desire and passion to excel in this segment of the industry. If you want to shorten your learning curve and set yourself apart, I strongly recommend you invest in their training program. We are glad we did!

Steve and Connie Hovis
Nucci's Italian Ice and Gelato
Franklin, TN

The hands-on experience has given us confidence

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with both of you, and how much help your training has been. While we are only in the beginning stages of starting our business in Crossville, TN, the information you provided has been an enormous help in all of our preparations.

In addition to the written information, the “hands-on” experience in making and storing water ice has given us the confidence we need to ensure that our product offerings will be the very best. We look forward to continued contact in the future and we hope to have you down some time to taste the fruits of collaborative efforts! We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again and I’m sure that anyone who attends your training in the future will find it just as helpful and enjoyable as we did.

Nick & Denise Rogers
Crossville, TN

Gained information to launch our first retail business

Our experience with Carmen and Claire has been invaluable. We were able to gain the information and know-how necessary to launch our first retail business. The hands on guidance made us feel confident and informed so that we were able to head in the right direction. They continue to show care and patience when we call them with questions, and truly that means a lot. We love our Italian ice store, and so does the community in which we live. Thanks Carmen and Claire for the stepping stones for a great opportunity.

The Long Family
North Carolina