What makes our training different from the many others offered in the same arena?

  • There are multiple differences that make our training heads above the rest. We offer smaller class sizes with a maximum of 4-6 trainees per session. This gives our trainees a very personalized training with more attention placed on the hands on learning and competency in handling the machinery and manufacturing of the product. It doesn't become a lecture hall with your head stuck in a book.
  • La Vita Dolce enhances your learning process by providing hands-on, reading and visual learning modes. That is why we offer a 2 day hands-on Italian Ice training along with a comprehensive training manual that will cover all aspects of starting and managing your business.  You will also receive a video of the hands-on section of the training. This will enable you to recall and review the training when you're ready to start manufacturing. We recognize that there may be a time span from training to the actual opening of your business.
  • We also include as part of your training fee, 1 hour of phone consultation time. This will allow you to read the manual and watch the video and then call us with any questions you may have. You may also need some personalized assistance in planning your own business and we'd be happy to answer questions or clarify issues for you during the consulting period.

Why are other trainings less costly?

Most other trainings offered in America are presented by equipment and flavor sales companies. These companies offer training to promote their products. They offer less costly trainings because they expect to make their money in sales of their products. They will train you to use their machines or their flavors but not provide you with unbiased information about other equipment or other flavor companies that may, in fact be a better option or resource for you. We have seen individuals who attended these trainings come away with no idea of how to start a business. All they learned was how to run a machine. They leave you with little or no knowledge of how to own and operate a Gelato and /or Italian ice business. You are often trained by one of their sales people who may, in fact, never have operated a business and has no knowledge of the industry. We offer a business training course that will educate you how to operate machinery as well as how to run a successful Gelato and /or Italian ice business. We provide tried and true recipes, and a wealth of knowledge that we've acquired from our 40+ years of experience in retail, wholesale and consulting. We're not a sales company, we're training professionals.

Can you get discounts on equipment?

YES. Through the years we have built strong relationships with the Italian Ice and Gelato equipment distributors and have purchased hundreds of pieces of equipment. We extend our discount to our customers and get them the bottom line on every piece.

Will this investment save you money in the long run?

YES. There are many ways our training can and will save you money. Many times we've seen entrepreneurs trying to get started in this business by themselves. They have in some cases, purchased the wrong equipment and wasted thousands of dollars doing so. Our training will save you time and money by providing superior Italian Ice and Gelato recipes and flavoring. We eliminate the trial and error game which can cost you much time, effort, money and income. This loss of income occurs when you open your doors selling inferior product. This will discourage repeat business and your unsatisfied customers won't recommend you to their friends. We can save you additional headaches by providing you with the information you'll need for store lay-out, staff hiring and training, inventory, ordering, marketing, advertising and other business management practices. We also must mention, that if you choose to purchase your equipment through us, the thousands of dollars saved by the equipment discounts we offer, may in return, pay for the training itself. “You can't afford not to take our training”.

Will you receive any store management training?

YES. You will receive information on how to start and manage your business. We will provide you with training on store procedures, customer service, staff selection and training, marketing, advertising, grand opening suggestions, employment and health issues, store safety, and procedures for inventory, ordering and deliveries. We also include information on cost and profit margins.

Do we assist in site selection (location)?

YES. Choosing the best location is of utmost importance. A great location is as important as your product and management. Therefore, we provide for you a list of criteria and priorities formulated to assist in your selection of a location. Our assistance is limited only to the information we provide in the manual.